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7 May 2018

Going beyond forests: PEFC to open certification to farmers and agroforestry

Sustainable Forest Management

Give your feedback on the revised PEFC Sustainable Forest Management benchmark by 26 June 2018.

2 February 2018

There is still time to give your feedback on PEFC Group Certification!

Group Certification

Make sure you do not miss your opportunity to give your feedback on our revised Group Certification standard! Deadline is 18 February.

8 January 2018

We explain the changes to our group certification standard

Group Certification

Two webinars will introduce and explain the main proposed changes to PEFC ST 1002 – the standard that defines the general requirements for forest certification systems with group forest management certification.

20 December 2017

Give your feedback on PEFC Group Certification! Public consultation open

Group Certification

Share your insights and knowledge to help us further improve this important standard. Deadline for comments 18 February 2018.

18 December 2017

PEFC publishes its first two revised technical documents!


We have recently finished the revision of two technical documents and presented a new approach to the endorsement of national systems.

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