Requirements for Certification Bodies conducting PEFC Chain of Custody certification

Requirements for Certification Bodies conducting PEFC Chain of Custody certification

This standard defines the requirements for certification bodies carrying out PEFC Chain of Custody certification.

What is the latest news?

The final draft of the revised standard was finalized in August 2019. Next, the standard will be sent to the PEFC International Board for approval, if approved, the PEFC General Assembly will vote on it. This means all PEFC members vote on whether we can implement the standard, or if it needs further work.

The working group achieved consensus on the enquiry draft earlier this year in May. The global public consultation on this draft then ran from 23 May to 21 July 2019. This consultation gave stakeholders around the world the chance to give their comments, feedback and suggestions, to help us ensure this standard meets their needs and expectations.

As we continue to make our standards more robust, this revision will require that auditors have specific experience on PEFC Chain of Custody audits and includes requirements for certification decision makers. 

The standard will also reflect our commitment towards gender responsive standards, ensuring that certification bodies consider gender equity within the personnel involved in the certification activities and the audit team. 

We also look to modernize the certification procedures, by considering the use of technology in remote auditing for client organizations without physical handling of finished and labelled products.

Find out more about the expected changes:

PEFC Requirements for Certification Bodies ST – Introduction to changes 101.77 KB

Who is revising the standard?

WG 5 meeting in Geneva, March 2019

Working Group 5 is responsible for the revision of this standard. WG 5 will build consensus on the revised standard, relying on the involvement of active and committed individuals from different interest groups.

To ensure that no single concerned interest can dominate the process, the WG has balanced representation of interested stakeholders, including geographical representation, and a consensus-driven decision making process.

Revision timeline

  • January – February 2019: Call for nominations
  • February 2019: Establishment of the Working Group
  • March 2019: First WG meeting
  • May 2019: Second WG meeting
  • May - July 2019: Public consultation
  • August 2019: Third WG meeting
  • Sent to the PEFC International Board for approval.

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