Going beyond forests: PEFC to open certification to farmers and agroforestry

Give your feedback on the revised PEFC Sustainable Forest Management benchmark by 26 June 2018.

Going beyond forests: PEFC to open certification to farmers and agroforestry

7 May 2018 Sustainable Forest Management

Our revised Sustainable Forest Management benchmark is now up for public consultation, and we are asking you to share your insights and knowledge to help us further improve this vital document.

Our Sustainable Forest Management benchmark is at the core of what we do. It provides the basis for the requirements that forest owners or managers must meet to achieve PEFC certification at local level. We therefore need to ensure that it continues to meet the demands and expectations – now and in the future.

From expanded social requirements to refined definitions within the forest, and even the opportunity to broaden the scope of sustainable forest management; together with our stakeholders we have moved this benchmark forward – and now we need to hear from you.

Give your feedback now! Deadline is 26 June 2018.

What has changed?

For many stakeholders, especially small-forest owners, the most significant change is the inclusion of Trees outside Forests (ToF).This will make PEFC certification accessible to the millions of farmers and smallholders that do not own or manage forests, but rather trees on agricultural or settlement land that are currently outside the scope of certification.

We have also expanded the social requirements, with greater inclusion of human rights, minimum standards for forest workers’ wages (both migrant and local) and the promotion of gender equality. Working conditions shall now be regularly monitored and adapted as necessary, and employment policies must include equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

The revised document also includes a refined definition of ecologically important forest areas, supports climate positive practices and forbids the reforestation or afforestation of ecologically important non-forest areas.

To find out more, take a look at the revision documentation:

Sustainable Forest Management, PEFC ST 1003:201X - Enquiry Draft 564.50 KB

Public consultations

PEFC invites all interested parties to give their comments on our revised Sustainable Forest Management benchmark - PEFC ST 1003:201X.

This public consultation is one in a series of upcoming consultations as our standards revision process moves into its next phase. Over the next months, enquiry draft versions for several of our key documents under revision will be ready for public consultations. Stay tuned!

This consultation is open from 27 April until 26 June 2018. Please submit your comments through our online consultation tool.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch at technical@pefc.org.

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