PEFC Logo Usage Rules

PEFC Logo Usage Rules

This standard covers the requirements for users of the PEFC trademarks (including both the PEFC logo and initials) to ensure their accurate, verifiable, relevant and non-misleading usage.

What is the latest news?

The working group achieved consensus on the enquiry draft in March 2019. The global public consultation on this draft then ran from 10 May to 9 July 2019. This consultation gave stakeholders around the world the chance to give their comments, feedback and suggestions, to help us ensure this standard meets their needs and expectations.

The revised standard aims at strengthening the consistent use of our PEFC trademarks worldwide, while also making it easier for consumers to understand what the PEFC logo stands for. 

To ensure consistency, the PEFC Label Generator will become mandatory for the creation of all PEFC labels. This enables certified organizations to produce PEFC labels quickly and easily, while being assured of the correct technical specifications. Changes are also planned for the on product label, such as new requirements for the recycled label and a new “PEFC pure” label.

While the new requirements make the use of our trademarks more robust, they also provide flexibility to PEFC trademarks users. The TM or R symbols would no longer be required alongside the PEFC logo or initials, and new label messages give non-certified companies, such as retailers, more options to communicate their commitment towards PEFC.

Find out more about the expected changes to our revised PEFC Trademarks standard:

PEFC Trademarks ST – Introduction to changes 75.59 KB

Want to know more?

To provide you with more information about the proposed changes to both standards, we held a series of webinars during the public consultations. You can listen to the recording of the first webinar and see the answers to the questions asked during the first two webinars:

Questions and Answers: revised PEFC Chain of Custody and PEFC Trademarks standard 146.39 KB

Who is revising the standard?

WG 4 meeting in March 2019 

Working Group 4 is responsible for the revision of this standard. WG 4 will build consensus on the revised standard, relying on the involvement of active and committed individuals from different interest groups.

To ensure that no single concerned interest can dominate the process, the WG has balanced representation of interested stakeholders, including geographical representation, and a consensus-driven decision making process.

In addition to revising the PEFC Logo Usage Rules, WG 4 is also responsible for revising PEFC Chain of Custody standard.

Revision timeline

  • April 2016: Public consultation
  • July 2016: First WG meeting
  • January 2016: WG meeting
  • April 2016: WG meeting
  • August 2017: WG meeting
  • January 2018: WG meeting
  • July 2018: Conference call
  • September 2018: WG meeting
  • March 2019: WG meeting
  • May – July 2019: Public consultation
  • September 2019: WG meeting

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Discover the expected changes to our revised PEFC Trademarks standard.

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