Outlining expectations for forest management certification

Forest conversions and trees outside forests: two of the nine areas to be given specific consideration during the revision of the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management standard.

Outlining expectations for forest management certification

20 May 2016 Sustainable Forest Management

Nine areas need to be given specific consideration: one of the key outcomes of last week’s meeting of the Standards Revision Working Group 1 – the Working Group (WG) responsible for the revision of our Sustainable Forest Management standard.

Taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, 35 participants from around the world and covering all relevant stakeholder groups contributed their knowledge and experience as we kicked-off of the standard revision process.

The group discussed what they expect a future Sustainable Forest Management standard to deliver over the next years, as well as carrying out a detailed analysis of the existing requirements.

In order to provide more detailed input into the first Working Draft of the revised standard, the WG decided to create three Tasks Forces, covering conversions, trees outside forests and non-wood forest products. In addition, the consideration of ecosystem services will also be integrated into a Task Force.

The next steps

The next WG 1 meeting is planned for October 2016. Based on input from the Task Forces and PEFC International, the WG will discuss a Working Draft of the revised standard.

Want to know how you can get involved? The topics covered by the TFs will also be brought to the online Expert Forum for Sustainable Forest Management, in order to gain additional advice and insight. Interested stakeholders can contribute to the discussion in this Expert Forum – simply register through our website.

The revision process

WG 1 is one of six Working Groups currently embarked on the revision of several of our PEFC International Standards.

WG 3: Standard Setting Procedures and WG 2: Forest Management Certification Procedures and Group Certification have already completed their first meetings, with WG 6: Endorsement Process set to meet in early June.

There is currently a call for nominations for the remaining Working Groups - WG 4: Chain of Custody and Labelling and WG 5: Chain of Custody Certification Procedures.

These WGs will all meet 2-5 times to build consensus on the creation of an enquiry draft standard. This draft will then go through public consultation before approval and publication.

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